Do you know someone on our way?

From April to August 2012 we are making a documentary about stories and everyday life of people living in Europe. For that we are planning a trip along the 24th longitude through Europe, from Greece to Norway. Our project is exciting and challenging. So we are very thankful for any help and support.

We are looking for people in the following countries who could be a first place to go and would like to help to get to know some local people.

Our documentary takes part in the following countries:

  • Greece (north-east)
  • Bulgaria (west)
  • Romania (south-west to north-west)
  • Ukraine (west)
  • Poland (east)
  • Lithuania (eyerywhere)
  • Latvia (everywhere)
  • Estonia (everywhere)
  • Finland (everywhere)
  • Norway (north)
  • Sweden (south, with a holiday appartment next to a lake & a sauna 😉 )

If you know someone or if we could visit you on our way, just send us a mail!
Thank you very much!
Christian and Susanne

Ein Gedanke zu „Do you know someone on our way?

  1. Hello guys. I’m from Lithuania. It’s really good idea and I want to support you. At this moment I’m studying abroad, but I could give you my friends contacts. It’s quit difficult to advice something. So, I just decided to give you few hints about the place where to go in Lithuania.
    1. Nida:, beautiful and pure nature place on the sea side.
    2. Trakai:, it’s old capital of Lithuania with medieval castle surounded by lakes
    3. Rumšiškės: as I recognized from this page you’re german speaking so I give you information about this smal vilage in german:

    It’s my top 3 of most lovely places in Lithuania.

    If you have questions please don’t hesitate and contact me.
    Best wishes

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