We are Susanne Hinz and Christian Wenzel and we are realising this documentary project.

I am Susanne Hinz. I am fascinated by people, their cultures and ways of living. During my time in countries like Guatemala, Canada, Australia or France I had several cultural impressions. In my studies I got methodical and practical experiences in interviewing and a psychological perspective of human behaviours.

My Name is Christian. For about ten years I gained experience while working and studying in the fields of communication consulting and media production. Alongside I am engaged in dealing with questions about how life and work can be formed – especially in our generation. I’m sharing my thoughts with friends and also on the blog (only german). With this project I would like to learn more about people in different countries and their perspectives and sharing these experiences by making a documentary.

Never travel with someone you do not love. (E. Hemingway)

Team and support

Starting this project just with the two of us, the elama documentary team consists now of different people that helped and supported us during this project. This project wouldn’t be able to realize without this support.

  • Greece: Alexia Briassouli, Petros Theodoris, Kornilia Nikolaidou, Vasiliki Plesti, Antigone Alexiou, Vika, Nikos Stydianidis, Popi, Sofia, Vasilios Mestidis, Ariadne Pranou, Katherine Bash, Alice
  • Bulgaria: Maya, Galin Borisova, Filipa Borisova, Mladen Belchev, Eleonora Ivanova, Ljubov Ivanova, Maria Ivanova, Olga Carova, George Stoykov, Krasimira Stoilova (Climbing Club Tsarevets)
  • Romania: Gyorggi Takus, Lucian Fabro, Denise Fabro, Remus Ivan, George Serban, Ryan McHale, Vigrica Ugorcsag, Karoly Ugorcsag, Vica & Family
  • Latvia: Viktor Kaļiņina, Kristīne Kaļiņina, Zane Melkis, Didzis Melkis, Zandis Zvirbulis
  • Estonia: Kadri Laan, Tauno Laan, Marta-Mia Laan, Artur Laan
  • Finland: Eveliina & Jiri  Heinonen, Anniina Mustonen, Tiina Levander, Reetta Levander, Henri Levander
  • Norway: Mimmi  Bæivi, Anton Bæivi, Anne-Mette Bæivi, Eirik Bæivi, Per-Ole Bals, Alfred Sachs, Andre Larsson

Transcription and Translation

  • Romania: 
    • Theodor Andrei Bran, Miruna Bacali
    • Translation Team Eberhart Karls Universtität Tübingen, Romanisches Seminar, Lektorat für rumänische Sprachen und Literatur: Dr. Frey Gabriela mit Studenten Andrea Sczuka, Patricia-Maria Dörner, Christine Böckmann, Sabrina Bucher, Diana Schuster, Stefanie Hütter, Theresia Ertmer, Corina Pop, Robert Müller
  • Norway: Leo Frank, Norwegian translation course at University of Cologne held by Siri Strømsnes: Anne Siebertz, Günther Regnery, Kirsten Reinmuth, Michael Resvoll, Xenia Thiem, Agnieszka Wisowska
  • Bulgaria: Universität Göttingen, Dr.Krastina Arbova:Zagirova Adelia, Alexander Siliamov,Dr. Heinrich Koechel, Gueorgui Parouchev, Dr.Krastina Arbova-Georgieva
  • Finland:
    • Universität Köln, Päivi Toivio-Kochs and team
    • Universität Göttingen, Tiina Savolainen and team
  • Greece: Uni Mainz, Konstantina Glykioti and team

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Technical support and consulting

  • Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln: Christa Ahrens
  • Max Lais


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