Subtitle project starts

After finishing the first round of viewing and sorting the video material we are now starting the subtitle project.

We made interviews in 7 different languages with nearly 30 persons. And now all these interviews need to be transcribed and translated in to either English or German. Thats a lot of work to do 🙂 But work that has to be done to go on with the project.

These translations are the basis for our documentary. Without these translations we are not able to go any step further – simply because we don’t speak all these languages.

So, this subtitle project starts now and is very essential for the whole documentary project.

Because we cannot do this by our own, we need help from people all over Europe to transcribe or translate the videos.

Please visit the subitle project page and see how You can help us – or just share the link in  your social networks.

Any help is really much appreciated.

Susan & Christian